Advantages of PhytoStemix HR-based technology

  • Simple design

    Low-cost, re-usable, autoclavable polycarbonate bioreactors

  • Modular character

    Multiple individual identical and independent bioreactor chambers to minimize the risk of microbial contamination

  • Optimal biomass growth

    Proprietary method for growing HR cultures in bioreactors maximizes biomass yield

  • High yield for recombinant proteins

    Molecular design of expression vectors incorporates the use of promoters optimized for expression in particular plant species

  • Simplified downstream processing

    For secondary metabolites:
    Concentration by adsorption to solid-phase matrices from HR tissue extracts or conditioned media

    For recombinant proteins:
    Targeting recombinant protein products to the rhizosecretory pathway, which allows harvesting the expressed proteins from culture media
    Molecular design of expression vectors includes the use of particular protein tags, which facilitates a one-step purification of the expressed proteins through affinity matrices

  • Scalable

    The modular character allows scaling-up by controlling the number of individual bioreactor chambers deployed, while minimizing the risk of contamination